Prince George’s County Offers Rainy and Windy Day Waste Collection Tips

Prince George’s County Offers Rainy and Windy Day Waste Collection Tips Strategies to help you keep litter in the can and off the street

Largo, MD – Due to rain and high winds, the Prince George’s County Department of the Environment (DoE) reminds residents to secure their recycling and trash wheeled carts and bins to prevent litter from blowing around in neighborhoods and possible damage to the containers.  Below are some tips to help secure waste and recycling collection items on bad weather days.

  • Bag and tie all your trash before placing it in the wheeled container. This is especially important for small, lightweight items.
  • Secure your recycling and trash wheeled carts and bins to prevent litter and possible damage to the containers.
  • Place lighter materials at the bottom of your wheeled cart and heavier items on top to prevent the more lightweight items from blowing out.
  • If your wheeled cart is only half-full, consider waiting until your next collection to place it at the curb.
  • Place a heavy object on top of the lid to keep items from blowing out.
  • Turn your container parallel to the curb with the wind directed at the back of the bin.
  • Compact the trash – if you have loose items, place bagged trash on top of them to prevent them from blowing out of the cart.
  • Be sure your lid can close. Trash and recycling items are more susceptible to blowing out of the cart when the lid is not completely shut.
  • Bring your cart in as soon as possible after collection to reduce the risk of your cart blowing down the street.
  • If you are home, keep an eye on neighborhood carts. Secure them if it looks like the cart or items from it are blowing away.
  • Once collections are completed, check around your area to see if any materials may have inadvertently been left behind and toss them in the appropriate waste receptacle for the next collection cycle.

For more waste collection tips during inclement weather, visit or

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