Thurgood Marshall Middle School Black History Celebration 2/28/19 @ 6:30 p.m

Thurgood Marshall Middle

Thurgood Marshall Middle School is celebrating 25 years of the school’s name, from Roger B. Taney.
As part of Black History Month we will have a video presentation on the history of the school name change to Thurgood Marshall from Roger B. Taney Middle School.

We will have some of the staff and students who attended the school during that time frame. They will share the history and the efforts to get the name change.

Please join us in celebrating this Historic moment with our students and families, along with Camp Springs Civic Association members and citizens.

We welcome all to join us for refreshments along with photos in front of our full photo of Thurgood Marshall.

Charmaine Rawlinson
PTA President
Thurgood Marshall Middle School
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