Delegate Veronica Turner Legislative Wrap Up 2020

Dear Constituents and Friends,

On Wednesday, March 18, 2020, the Maryland General Assembly adjourned early for the first time since the Civil War due to concerns surrounding COVID-19. Monday, April 6th, marked the original date to Adjourn Sine Die. The first Monday in April is when the Maryland General Assembly traditionally adjourns its legislative work until the 2nd Wednesday in January, when the Maryland General Assembly reconvenes for the 2021 Legislative Session.

We worked diligently prior to outbreak of the Coronavirus, and then tirelessly, for hours on end, to pass legislation that will have significant impacts on Education, Criminal Justice Reform, the Operating Budget, Healthcare and Elections, Campaign Finance and Ethics.

A Coronavirus Legislative Task Force was developed to handle the pending consequences of COVID-19.

Information and resources regarding COVID19

to follow in a separate Newsletter.

Here are just a few accomplishments during the abbreviated Session.

Bond Initiatives

I worked to procure funding for the following initiatives:

  •  Fort Washington Hospital $500,000 Capital Improvement
  • Crossland High School $325,000 for New Bleachers
  • Fort Foote Baptist Church $200,000 for Construction
  • Forest Heights $125,000/yr for Additional Revenue
  • Ebenezer AME Church $50,000
  • Elks Club $30,000

Link to Legislation