Maryland Youth Advisory Council

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Dear Friend:

I want to share some information with you about a few things happening in our community.  The Maryland Youth Advisory Council is accepting applications for students who live in Maryland and would like to make sure their voices are heard on matters of public policy.  The Council was established in June 2008 by the general assembly to ensure that Maryland youth are given the opportunity to provide feedback and recommendations regarding public policies and programs that affect their future, and to encourage them to take leadership roles in fostering meaningful change.   It would be an honor to have a representative from the 26th legislative district serve on the Council.  If you know of a student between the ages of 14-22 who lives in the 26th legislative district, please pass this information along.

The application (MYAC Application) is due by Friday, August 2, 2013.  However, I am asking that any 26th district student who may be interested to contact my office immediately so that I can provide a cover letter to accompany your application.  For additional information regarding the Maryland Youth Advisory Council, log onto

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