Looking for Caregivers

There will be a luncheon conference in April for caregivers in our southern Prince George’s area.  The conference will be community-based and co-hosted by District 26.

Our community and supporters are reaching out to caregivers to host a free workshop with lunch provided in April.  We need caregivers to register now.  Simply call and provide your name and number.  Your ideas are also welcome concerning what is beneficial to you as caregivers.  For example:

  • registry of sitters,
  • time management planners,
  • respite care,
  • local community members listing for possible hire,
  • transportation support to appointments,
  • cameras for peace of mind,
  • community police procedures for helping to find missing loved ones in our care,
  • a listing of contractors who can do minor house modifications,
  • consequences for nursing home or hired aide neglect
  • training
  • etc.

If you or someone you know are interested in attending this workshop, let us hear from you.

Register by calling 301 248-5440 or e-mail agswca@gmail.com
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