Takeoff Tech Program

Prince George’s County Public Schools is proud to announce the launch of the new Aerospace Engineering and Aviation Technology program to be housed at DuVal High School beginning Fall 2014.

The Aerospace Engineering and Aviation Technology program is a college and career preparatory program, offering areas of study in Aerospace Engineering and Aviation Technology. Supported by partnerships with the College Park Aviation Museum; NASA; local colleges and universities; and private industry, this program will prepare students for college and high-demand careers.

Admission to the program will be based on the same criteria and exam used for the Science and Technology programs. Students may receive a final score of a maximum 400 total points, 200 points from earned grades for each quarter of 7th grade and 1st quarter 8th grade, 100 points from the mathematics portion of the exam and 100 points from the Reading Comprehension portion of the exam. The 100 students with the highest scores will be offered acceptance.

The application for this program will be available onlineStudents who have taken the Science and Technology entrance examination do not need to retest; however, students will need to submit a completed application.

Applications for entry into the program are due by Wednesday, March 19. The entrance test will be made available on Saturday, March 29, at DuVal High School located at 9880 Good Luck Road in Lanham.

There are 100 seats available for the launch of this program. Rising 9th graders throughout Prince George’s County are eligible to apply. Each student will receive a laptop upon entry into the program, and transportation will be provided for all accepted students. For questions about the program, please email the DuVal Aerospace Program at To download a copy of the Aerospace Engineering and Aviation Technology application click, here.


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