Comprehensive Community Cleanup Program

The Department of Environmental Resources Comprehensive Cleanup Program is designed to revitalize, enhance, and maintain unincorporated areas of the County. During the spring and fall seasons, County staff work with organized civic and homeowners associations to provide a concentrated focus of cleanup and maintenance services to the community over a two-week period.

Camp Springs (Phase 1)   View  Page 1 , Page 2          03/31/14 – 04/11/14    

Camp Springs (Phase 2)                                                  04/07/14 – 04/18/14

Camp Springs (Phase 3)                                                  04/14/14 – 04/25/14

The services that will be performed by DER and the Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T) during your two-week scheduled cleanup are as follows:



Performed by

Tagging of Abandoned Vehicles Monday, Week 1 DER


Tagging of Abandoned Vehicles

Removal of Abandoned Vehicles

Anytime after 48 hours DER
Bulky Trash Collection (includes large household items not normally collected by the regular trash contractor such as furniture, refrigerators, washing machines, hot water heaters, and other similar items) Tuesday, Week 2 DER
Storm Drain Water Quality Testing Wednesday, Week 2 DER
Housing Code/Zoning Ordinance Violation Survey Thursday, Week 2 DPIE
Roadside Litter Survey During the two-week period DPW&T
Tree Trimming Survey During the two-week period DPW&T
Storm Drainage Maintenance Survey During the two-week period DPW&T

More details about this program can be found at the following link: Fact Sheet


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