Prince George’s County Public Schools: ‘Great by Choice’

Kevin Maxwell


Kevin M. Maxwell, the chief executive Officer of Prince George’s County Public Schools, has signed an agreement to use the title of a business book, “Great by Choice,” as the school system’s motto. 

“Great by Choice,” a book that examines why some companies thrive during chaotic times while others do not, has become a staple for business leaders across the country as they look for ways to boost profits.

Jim Collins’s book also has become the guide for Kevin M. Maxwell, chief executive of the Prince George’s County school system, as he moves to turn around Maryland’s second-largest district. Maxwell has made “Great by Choice” required reading for his senior staff. Small groups have met to dissect chapters and discuss ways to apply the principles to schools.

“Great by Choice” also has quietly become the school district’s latest motto, popping up on its Web site and letterhead and becoming a major part of the lexicon of the county’s top educators.

Maxwell said he was drawn to Collins’s approach to helping businesses make money and will use it for the school system, which is “in the business to get results.”

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