Prince George’s County Is Ready for Snow Forecasted for Washington Metropolitan Area

Prince George’s County is ready and prepared for the snow forecasted for the Washington Metropolitan area on Tuesday morning.  County crews will monitor road conditions and, if necessary, plow and treat the roadways with salt.

Forecasters are predicting the snow to begin in our area early Tuesday morning with a half inch to two inches of snow accumulation possible before the precipitation ends early tomorrow afternoon.  Temperatures are expected to be between 30-32 degrees at the onset of the precipitation and climb above freezing later in the day.

“The County will deploy approximately 125 vehicles at 5 a.m. on Tuesday morning to address roadway conditions during the morning rush hour,” said DPW&T Director Darrell Mobley.  “County crews will also be monitoring the bridges, ramps and intersections to ensure they are free of icy conditions.”

The morning commute may be impacted by the snow.  Motorists are encouraged to follow these safety tips:
·         Add extra time for travel;
·         Stay alert and drive carefully;
·         Use caution when driving over bridges, ramps and overpasses.

County residents are asked to park on the even-numbered sides of residential streets or in their driveways.  Residents are also requested to shovel their driveways after plowing has occurred and to remove snow and ice from the sidewalks abutting their homes and businesses.

To report roadway conditions, residents are encouraged to wait 12 hours after the precipitation has stopped before calling CountyClick at 311, the Snow Information Center at 301-350-0500 or go to the County’s website to report adverse road conditions via the Snow Request Form.

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