Prince George’s looks to trash Styrofoam ‘to-go’ containers

Prince George’s County is looking to clean up its act with a bill banning the use of take-out polystyrene, or “Styrofoam,” containers.

“We want to do our part to be a healthier county,” said the bill’s sponsor, County Councilwoman Mary Lehman (D.-Dist. 1) of Laurel. “It’s a huge landfill problem and litter problem.”

CB-5-2015 would ban the use or sale of polystyrene, commonly called “Styrofoam,” food containers by food service businesses, as well as polystyrene packaging “peanuts,” and would require the use of compostable or recyclable disposable food service ware and packaging material.

M.H. “Jim” Estepp, president and CEO of the Greater Prince George’s Business Roundtable, said he has heard concerns from small business owners regarding the legislation.

“We’ve got to be cognizant of small businesses, and the effects of legislation on them,” Estepp said, adding that there are concerns about the cost of the substitute materials. “Some small [restaurant owners] have told me the costs are equivalent to part-time help.”

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