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The Washington Post has announced that when County residents get their Gazette newspapers this week, it will be the last delivery for the free weekly.  The paper will cease publication on Thursday, June 18.

The loss of a local newspaper, in this case because of ongoing financial troubles, is extremely sad news for our community.  In addition to holding local government accountable to constituents, the Gazette provided a strong voice for residents; a forum for the expression of opposing viewpoints; and important analysis of issues critical to the citizenry.

We want to express our deep appreciation to the editors and staff for consistent delivery of locally oriented, professional coverage of the news that matters most to Prince Georgians—stories that are personal, caring and reflective of our community.  Whether reporting a Council decision, a new government initiative, Teacher of the Year, the Biggest Winner, or high school sports scores, you have been great storytellers for Prince George’s County.  As a business in our County and a local employer, you have also contributed significantly as an economic development partner ‘Bringing the World to Prince George’s County,’ and we wish you well.

A college professor of community journalism once said…”You know community journalism when you see it; it is the heartbeat of American journalism, journalism in its natural state.”

The Prince George’s County Gazette has served our residents and its readers nobly and faithfully since 1959.   The shuttering of this local institution and provider of community journalism leaves a gaping hole in the fabric of Prince George’s County and the impact will be felt across the County for a long time to come.

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