The Prince George’s County Council was briefed on Monday, January 11, 2015 by the contracting team for the Continuous Improvement Performance Audit of Prince George’s County Public Schools.  The process is poised to begin by the end of January.

The contracting team includes Ernst & Young, UPD, and the Strategic Solutions Center, and is charged with conducting a comprehensive performance assessment of the operations of key areas in five divisions of the Prince George’s County Public Schools: Human Resources, Curriculum and Instruction, Supporting Services, Business and Management Services, and Information Technology. 

Council Chair Derrick L. Davis (D) – District 6, says the joint performance audit reflects an important, historic partnership between the Council, County Executive, the CEO of Prince George’s County Public Schools, Board of Education, and all stakeholders.

“Educating our children to compete in a global economy is critical to our County’s future, and conducting this system-wide performance review paves the road for producing a well-educated and well-trained workforce.  While the performance of our schools is improving, if Prince George’s County is to become the economic powerhouse we desire, our education system must be first rate and remain a top priority for all of us.”

Chair Davis adds that the performance audit will be an ongoing process of collaboration and the results will help us all to address the shared priority of education more responsibly, efficiently and effectively.

“We look forward to the outcome of the external Continuous Improvement Performance Audit of Prince George’s County Public Schools, the first in 18 years, creating the foundation for the world-class school system our students deserve, furthering investments for every child’s future, and better informing the decisions of this Council as fiscal stewards. ”    

A final report is expected by January 2017; however, ongoing reports are anticipated as findings become available. 

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