Prince George’s County Development Council

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MGM National Harbor Rendering

Local Development Council


In 2012, Prince George’s County voters approved a referendum to authorize a sixth gaming license in the State of Maryland, to be awarded to a facility located in the County. In December of 2013, the Maryland Video Lottery Facility Location Commission awarded that license to MGM Resorts International for a high-end resort and casino located in National Harbor. The facility will include a luxury hotel, restaurants, entertainment and retail and is expected to open in 2016.

Local Development Council

State law creates a mechanism for ensuring public input in several elements of the new gaming facility. According to law, a Local Development Council (LDC) must be established in each jurisdiction where a gaming licensee is in operation (the sections of State law relevant to the LDC can be found in the Relevant Law section below). This body, composed of 15 individuals representing different stakeholder groups, consults with the County on the following:

  1. The development of a multiyear plan for the expenditure of local impact grant funds (see Local Impact Grants below)
  2. The review of a master plan—provided by the gaming licensee—for the development of the gaming site
  3. The development of a comprehensive transportation plan for the gaming facility 

In addition to three representatives from the General Assembly and one from MGM, the LDC must be composed of seven residents of the communities and four representatives of the businesses/institutions located in immediate proximity to the facility.

Local Impact Grants

One of the LDC’s primary responsibilities is to provide public input on a multiyear plan for the expenditure of local impact grants. These funds are a portion of gaming revenue dedicated by law for use primarily in the communities in immediate proximity to National Harbor.

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