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“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.”—Anonymous
Thank you, Dwight Benjamin and Faith-based Community Friends, Leaders and Supporters,
You may be wondering, “How can I engage and connect with our youth in a unique, unforgettably meaningful way before school lets out?” We have your answer! Share your wisdom in our new, $4.1 million, state-of-the-art JA Finance Park® Prince George’s County in Landover, MD right next to FedEx Field. By teaming up with us, you help students solve the mystery of how money works and how they can make it work for themselves; you may learn something, too, in the process. As we close out this school year, we truly welcome your personal commitment to be a volunteer role model and to have your support recruiting friends and colleagues in your network to volunteer with us. It will captivate you. Already this year, we were so pleased to have the Maryland Comptroller on-hand twice, as well the CEO of MPOWER Finance, Regional CEO of SunTrust Bank, the cohort of Leadership Prince George’s, and so many other dynamic business, government and community leaders and everyday citizens. We are a Harvard University Global Education Innovation Initiative (GEII) endorsed program as an exemplar in 21st Century learning. We really need our community involved with us in this. It’s a great way to reach our youth.
The movement to champion financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and work readiness is underway in the DC Metro Area. We see your extraordinary value and we have been listening to our supporters, that is why I am inviting you to volunteer and have others consider joining you as volunteer role models. With year two’s expanded mandate to reach more than 11,000 youth in motion, we are putting out the call for more support. Financial empowerment boosts personal responsibility and student achievement.
What Our Volunteer Role Models Should Know …
At JA Finance Park®, volunteers serve for 4 hours on a day of their choice (first-time volunteers are required to attend our 60-minute orientation ahead of the student arrival). We offer them an opportunity to guide 8th grade and high school students through a one-month budget simulation at our state-of-the art facility. They will coach students through a host of items that includes taxes, savings, investments, and discretionary spending over the course of 26 line items in an adult-styled budget. Volunteers will take opportunities throughout the day to stop and share their real-world perspective to bring JA Finance Park® to life for these students.
Our vision for students of JA Finance Park® is to help them realize their full potential in the context of the American Dream. The goal is to prepare students to graduate with a plan for their next step – college, trade school, armed forces, entrepreneurship, etc. – and eventually move into the workforce. Together, we help students transcend the skills gap, unemployment and underemployment, the effects of poverty, the achievement gap and inaccessibility to capital, credit, and economic competitiveness. That is how significant your contribution can be at JA Finance Park®! Note, you can volunteer as early as Monday, April 10, 2017 or as late as Thursday, June 15, 2017, joining us in making this difference. Below, please peak at our larger calendar of dates where we have needs all the way to the close of the school year.
ü  To see the JA Finance Park® program in action, please view the following videos:
ü  Volunteers should complete our registration and conduct standards agreement at this link prior to arrival: JA Volunteer Registration Link
ü  *NEW* Optional – Volunteers who would like the chance for advanced preparation are invited to peruse our resource binder. Volunteers will reference this throughout the student simulation.
ü  Mandatory – All volunteers and visitors to JA Finance Park® Prince George’s County must present a valid government-issued photo ID, per Prince George’s County Public Schools protocol. No fingerprints required.
ü  Dress code is business casual.  Comfortable shoes are necessary, as volunteers will stand for much of the day.
ü  Please ensure you have lunch available at the facility – you may want to bring a nonperishable brown-bag lunch as we do not sell any food onsite. There is a designated lunch time. If you intend on bringing a group and would like our list of available caterers, please let me know.
ü  Directions – Simply GPS ‘Gholson Middle School’ and once you arrive at the school campus of Gholson Middle and Cora Rice Elementary Schools, come onto the school grounds and make the first right after the second speed-bump. We are the building across the lot from the school with the tall windows.
Once you have chosen a date just call me or shoot me an email.
Heath Carelock | Education Director
Junior Achievement of Greater Washington
JA Finance Park® Prince George’s County
960 Nalley Rd. | Landover, MD 20785
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