Detectives Release Surveillance Video of Thieves Targeting Cars at Gas Station


Please take a moment to watch this surveillance video from a gas station in Camp Springs. On the video, a thief sneaks up to a car as the unsuspecting driver is pumping gas. Within seconds, the suspect snatches an item from the front seat and then quietly gets back into the getaway car. Two cars were targeted at this gas station. 

Here are close-up photos of one of the suspects sneaking up to a car on October 10th at about 7:30 am in the 5800 block of Allentown Way.

(actual car)

The suspects are linked to four thefts from cars at three separate gas stations on Tuesday, one on Allentown Way, a second on Allentown Road and a third station on St Barnabas Road. In each case, the suspects were driving the car in the above photograph described as a silver BMW with a possible temporary tag. The same vehicle is now linked to two additional thefts at gas stations on Wednesday. If anyone has information on this investigation, please call 1-866-411-TIPS or 301-868-8773.

We are urging residents to always lock their car doors when pumping gas or walking into a store, even if for just a brief moment. This reminder is part of our department’s ongoing effort to stop all thefts from cars. Thieves are stealing items from cars and other vehicles across the county. Please make their crimes harder to commit by locking car doors, hiding valuables or if possible, take them with you when you get out of your vehicle.  And if you see anything suspicious, please always calls 911.

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