One of the largest school districts in the D.C. area is taking corrective steps after a WUSA9 investigation exposed dirty cafeteria conditions in some schools.

The Prince Georges County school district says they are now stepping up pest control.

During Thanksgiving break, pest control specialists visited some Prince George’s County schools and will return during the holiday break to rid the cafeterias of roaches and insects.

When it comes to next year’s budget, the district is proposing more staff for pest control. Money is the main issue.

In Prince Georges County, there is just one health inspector for every 235 school cafeterias, bakeries and restaurants that need to be inspected.

WUSA9 found that one in 4 cafeterias in Prince Georges County had evidence of mice, cockroaches, or insects.

When these problems were found, inspectors oftentimes didn’t go back to the schools to follow up for months.

Read More: www.wusa9.com

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