Update on Inclement Weather Make-Up Days – Actualización sobre los días derecuperación por el mal clima

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Inclement Weather Make-Up Days Update

Two inclement weather days were built into the 2017-2018 school calendar, and both of those days have been used (January 4 and 5). As noted on the school calendar, if schools are closed for three or more snow days, February 9, April 5 and April 6 may be changed to regular school days.

School delays or closures greatly impact students, families and staff. The decision to delay or close schools is based on a variety of factors, including National Weather Service reports and recommendations from PGCPS transportation supervisors who survey county road and weather conditions. The decision is a collaborative effort involving PGCPS staff and Prince George’s County agencies, as well as neighboring school districts. Our top concern in closing or delaying schools is safety for buses, motorists and students who walk to school.

For the latest updates when inclement weather occurs, check out the following:

View Emergency Weather Codes and Plans.

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