Father’s Day Pledge Initiative

Every minute in the United States 24 people become victims of physical violence, rape or stalking by an intimate partner.  46 people in the State of Maryland died as a result of intimate partner violence between July 2017 and June 2018. The Prince George’s County Department of Family Services will host a Father’s Day Pledge Initiative to break the silence of domestic violence in Prince George’s County.  We are inviting men and women across the county to take action and inspire change.  The Department invites you to the Father’s Day Pledge Initiative, on June 14th, from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. at the Sanctuary at Kingdom Square, in Capital Heights, Maryland to sign a pledge board and write a personal pledge. 

The Department has a goal of securing 1,000 signatures through the Father’s Day Pledge Initiative.  The signed Father’s Day Pledge boards will demonstrate the partnership of fathers, uncles, youth, coaches and male mentors to partner with women and survivors to prevent violence against women.  The Father’s Day Pledge boards have been distributed to government agencies, nonprofit organizations, places of worship, businesses and companies and will be displayed on June 14th to demonstrate the county’s collective and united vision of a community free of domestic violence lead by men.  

Please register at https://pgcdadsdaypledge.eventbrite.comFor more information contact Mr. Elio Wade via email at EMWade@co.pg.md.us or by phone on 301-265-8423.  We look forward to your partnership on this initiative!  Together we can break the silence and end domestic violence in Prince George’s County. 

Father s Day Pledge Flyer-page-001.jpg

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