Coronavirus Update – National Harbor


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District 8 – National Harbor Updates

Dear District 8,

I know we are all seeking information to inform and educate us on the constant updates on the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  I will continue to communicate with you with pertinent information and updates. This update is to inform you of changes that the Gaylord National Harbor and MGM National Harbor have instituted.

MGM MGM National Harbor will be reducing the capacity on their gaming floor by 50%. In addition, MGM will be enacting several changes to their casino operations to encourage social distancing, including removal of half of the seats from all table games during play. Added public safety measures include postponing all live events in the theater through the end of March, working diligently to disinfect all public spaces, providing signage throughout the resorts to reinforce the need for guests to wash their hands regularly and adding sanitizing dispensing stations in high-volume areas. The health and safety of MGM National Harbor employees and their guests is their highest priority.

Gaylord Gaylord National Harbor Hotel made the decision to temporarily close its restaurants, effective Saturday, March 14. The Gaylord National Harbor Hotel regrets any inconvenience this may cause and looks forward to re-opening again, as soon as possible.

In closing, I want to remind you of what we should do in terms of our own health and safety.  Frequent washing of our hands for personal sanitation, no hand to hand contact, staying home as requested, social distancing if you have to be out, cleaning our homes and disinfecting all surfaces and doors, sneezing and coughing in our elbows or tissues and throw out the tissues immediately.  Seniors, 60 years and up to self quarantine, as they are most susceptible to the virus. Be sure to Call and FaceTime seniors you know, as well as your loved ones and friends, to check in on them. Let’s STAY CONNECTED IN HEALTHY WAYS, as we move through this crisis!

In Service,

Honorable Monique Anderson-Walker
County Council Member – District 8
Transformative Solutions; Healthy & Vibrant Communities


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