STAY IN THE KNOW – Prince George’s County COVID – 19 Updates and Infographics


Good Morning Community,

We have several new graphics available. Residents are now able to text 911 rather than call if they are unable to speak over the phone. This will be especially beneficial for those suffering from COVID-19 symptoms such as shortness of breath, trouble breathing, and/or severe cough, who may have difficulty speaking to a 911 operator over the phone. Please note, residents are encouraged to call 911 as they normally would, this is just a new option in the event a resident is unable to speak over the phone. An outline of additional new materials available is below:

1)      Health Insurance Enrollment Graphic: We want to remind residents that there is a special enrollment due to COVID-19.

2)      April 22 Press Conference Link: There’s a YouTube link now available to the County Executive’s press conference from Wednesday where we discussed food insecurity and a number of other important issues. The link is below:


3)      County Executive Newsletter: The latest edition of the County Executive’s Community Connections newsletter primarily focused on food insecurity and food resources. Here is the link

4)      Keeping Children Safe Graphic: April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. In addition to this important month, we recognize that the stress associated with COVID-19 may be especially complicated for parents. Our Department of Social Services has put together this graphic to offer resources for parents as well as remind people what to do if they suspect child abuse and/or neglect.

5)      WSSC Water Scammers Graphic: Reminding our residents about potential water scams that have come up due to COVID-19.

6)      Census Video: We are continuing to encourage our residents to complete their Census, and we have a new Census video provided to us via a County employee that has been posted and can be shared. Links to share are below:

  1. Facebook:
  2. Twitter:

7)      Text to 9-1-1 Social Media Language: Prince George’s County is initiating a soft launch of the pilot program Text to 9-1-1. Residents suffering from COVID-19 symptoms like shortness of breath, trouble breathing and/or coughing can now text 911 if they are unable to speak over the phone. #PGCCOVID19 #Textto911

For more information and other infographics related to County changes, policies and resources during the COVID-19 response, please visit:

Health Insurance (English).png

Health Insurance (Spanish).png

Child Abuse Prevention COVID-19.jpg

Text to 911.jpg

WSSC Scammers.jpg

WSSC Scammers Spanish.jpg

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