2021 Winter Edition of the Men’s Challenge — Living Together Without Violence Initiative (TONIGHT January 19th at 6pm)

The Department of Family Services is excited to announce the 2021 Winter Edition of the Men’s Challenge — Living Together Without Violence Initiative.   If you were not able to attend any of fall sessions, you missed several dynamic and informative presentations.

The Men’s Challenge Initiative is designed to motivate and engage men through collaborative group discussions to influence and develop healthy relationships throughout the county.  Topics to be discussed during the winter sessions are: 

•            Cybersecurity

•            Importance of a Collaborative Community

•            Emotional Intelligence and Healthy Relationships

•            Importance of Male Volunteers 

Mr. LeVord M. Burns will be our presenter.  He will be leading the discussion on Cybersecurity during COVID & Quarantine – A candid look at how we can safely interact with the world digitally.  Mr. Burns has investigated and directed complex domestic and international investigations concerning Cybercrime, Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, Criminal and Employee Misconduct for over 27 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).   

Due to COVID-19 all sessions will be held virtually.  See you on Tuesday, January 19th at 6:00pm on Zoom! 

Click here to join the meeting

Feel free to share the flyer with colleagues to be a part of the discussion.  If you have any additional questions, please contact Elio Wade at 301-265-8423 or EMWade@co.pg.md.us.

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