Senior Tax Credit Passed

Hello Neighbors,

Thank you for all your support and advocacy for AN ACT CONCERNING A PROPERTY TAX CREDIT FOR ELDERLY INDIVIDUALS.” I am happy to report that last Tuesday, June 28th it was unanimously passed by the County Council! The senior tax credit will take effect for the 2023 fiscal year allowing eligible homeowners to receive a twenty percent tax credit, the most under state law, for a maximum of five (5) years.

As the County develops the application and process for eligible individuals to apply for the Senior Tax Credit, our office will continue to serve as a resource to help residents get connected and take advantage of this new opportunity. Stay tuned as we will share more information once it becomes available. 

I am very excited that my first bill passed as a Council Member is giving back to our County’s seniors in such a tangible and meaningful way! Thank you again for your support and advocacy to ensure it passed. 


If you are interested in testifying during a County Council meeting, please click here to signup for our Legislative Advocacy team.

Also, if you would like to see the calendar of upcoming County Council Meetings, click on this link: County Council Meeting Calendar

In service,

Edward Burroughs III

Prince George’s County Council, District 8   

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